Internet2 Software Repository

This software repository contains releases of perfSONAR and related projects available as both source code and binary packages in the RPM format for CentOS-based Linux systems.

For more news and information regarding the perfSONAR project, we encourage you to join the perfSONAR-announce mailing list


This repository does not contain all of the prerequisites for installation of all its packages. In addition to the CentOS repository, which should be preconfigured on your system, install Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux maintained by Red Hat's Fedora project:

yum -y install epel-release

To install the perfSONAR repository, run the following command:

yum -y install

This RPM is digitally signed. If this is the first time your system has interacted with the perfSONAR repository, your system will install our signing key.

Mirroring this Repository

Sites interested in hosting a mirror of this software can take the following steps:

Send an email to saying you would like to operate a mirror. Please provide the hostname, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the system that will be mirroring and the name and email address of an administrative contact.

Once your system has been added to our access list, the repository can be mirrored using rsync:

rsync -vaH --numeric-ids --delete --delete-after --delay-updates rsync:// /your/local/directory

Consider hosting a mirror of EPEL and a mirror of CentOS.